Tarmac Renovation

With Sealing, Drive Revive and Tarmac Renovation can revive the look of your old driveway:- Why go to the expense of lying a new tarmac driveway when you can restore the condition of your current driveway? Here at RG contractors, we offer a service that can clean and seal existing tarmac driveway to restore it back to its freshly laid look.


What you get from us:

  • Will restore original colour of a tarmac or asphalt surface (available in black and red)
  • Saves money by avoiding the need to replace a tarmac surface
  • Significantly extends the lifespan of a tarmac surface (driveway, car park, tennis court etc)
  • Inhibits the growth of weeds, algae and moss
  • Removing oil leaks and fuel spillages is much easier
  • Makes tarmac and asphalt more ‘elastic’ which helps prevent cracks appearing

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